Building Inspections Adelaide

Buy Safe Building Inspections Adelaide will identify any structural defects that may impact the sale value of your home. All of our inspections comply with the Australian Standards AS 4349 for property inspections of residential buildings. We thoroughly inspect and note down every detail and present it to you in a simple and clear breakdown report. Firstly, we outline all the items that need urgent attention. This might include:

  • Salt damp
  • Missing safety switches
  • Faulty sealing in your kitchen or laundry
  • Broken smoke alarms
  • Exposed external wiring etc.

Following the list of things that need urgent attention, we then provide our customer with an extended list of items. We highlight the area, the item, and add a comment to help you comprehend the scale of damage, and what needs to be done. If you have any questions about our building inspections Adelaide, our friendly team are happy to help!

The History of Buy Safe

For reliable building inspections Adelaide, you need a team who fully understand Australian building and structural standards. Peter Middledorp, founder and owner of Buy Safe, started his career as a professional carpenter. He gained skills and knowledge through working on heritage renovations, contemporary builds, commercial properties, extensions and residential developments. It was while working on these projects that he learned the importance of structural integrity and safety. Peter is now committed to educating people on issues that arise within homes and buildings. His attention to detail and comprehensive understanding of the building industry enables him to pinpoint every problem. Peter will happily exercise his knowledge and share feasible solutions to overcome the issues. With 40 years of experience to his name, his expertise is simply unrivalled across Adelaide. Call us to learn more about our building inspections Adelaide today via 0411 668 120 today!

Why a building inspection is absolutely vital

You might be wondering, do I really need to fork out for building inspections Adelaide? The answer is yes. Even if you’re not buying or selling, it’s wise to get your home inspected every 10 years to make sure everything is structurally sound. Safety is the ultimate drive behind our work, so our work gives customers the peace of mind they deserve. Here’s two more important reasons why you should consider a Buy Safe building inspection:

Re-sale value: Things like poor drainage, cracked walls, water damage and lack of ventilation can have a major impact on the re-sale value of your home. The restoration efforts are well-worth the return in investment!

Health: damp environments stimulate mould growth. Exposure to mould spores everyday can increase the risk of depression, asthma, and damage to your respiratory system. Our building inspections Adelaide restore much greater value, because you can’t put a price on health.

If you’re interested in getting your home inspected by the Buy Safe team, give us a call on 0411 668 120. You call us, and we do the rest! And you can expect to receive your comprehensive inspection report on the same day. For the best building inspections Adelaide, go Buy Safe.

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