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Book your house inspections Adelaide with the best licensed building inspectors Adelaide! Owner of Buy Safe, Peter Middledorp, started his career as a professional carpenter over 40 years ago. While working in the building industry, Peter witnessed the disappointment of home buyers who hadn’t commissioned professional inspections before committing to the purchase. Structural faults, degradation and poor functionality significantly decrease the value of a home. So, it’s important to do your homework and get the professionals on board to scope the place out before settling in. If you pick up on damages early, you can use it to your advantage and negotiate a lower price—even for the easy fix jobs. Buy Safe offer thorough investigations and reports to help you understand what the problem is, and why it needs attention. Call us on 0411 668 120 to book your house inspections today.

What it takes to do the job

To carry out successful building inspections Adelaide, there’s a few qualities licensed building inspectors Adelaide need to have. Peter ventured into the industry with a desire to fill in the missing gaps by ticking off the entire list. Here’s a few of the traits Peter consistently demonstrates on the job:

  1. Punctuality—we’re on time, every time.
  2. Desire to help—we hate seeing families get ripped off!
  3. Ethics and transparency—Peter has strong moral character and is committed to the job.
  4. Attentiveness—we inspect your house from top to tail.
  5. Networking skills—Peter has ties all over the industry and will refer you to the best.
  6. Knowledge of the local natural environment—we know exactly what to look for!
  7. Clear communication—we help you understand what needs to be done, and why.

Stick with the licensed building inspectors Adelaide who tick all these boxes!

Our Process as Licensed Building Inspectors Adelaide

If you call our building inspectors Adelaide, we’ll take care of the entire process to make life easy for our customers. Firstly, we respond to your booking request in minimal time and offer a quote. From there, we directly liaise with the home’s land agent to arrange an appropriate time for inspection. On inspection day, we also arrange to meet with you and discuss any damages we have found. Education is an important part of our process, because a lot of problems are hidden or go unnoticed. In our reports, you’ll notice that we break up the information to clearly communicate the issue. We specify the area, the item, and a list of all the faults or damages that need to be addressed or considered before proceeding with the purchase. For simple, yet comprehensive house inspections Adelaide, choose the local specialists you can trust: Buy Safe!

You can book an appointment with Buy Safe by calling 0411 668 120. We’re fully licensed and qualified with a whopping 15,000 inspections to our name. For all your future house inspections, stick with the most reliable licensed building inspectors Adelaide.

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